CSI Recycles

CSI takes an active role in recycling and waste reduction and will comply with its clients recycling procedures.

We are responsible to establish, manage, and fully support the established Recycling Program of CSI and those of each of our clients as well as our employees.  Our responsibilities include:

Corporate & Field Management, Site Managers and Supervisors:

  • Stimulate the interest of our employees in the importance of environmental and recycling  practices
  • Encourage participation and foster a positive attitude towards recycling
  • Act as a liaison between CSI and our clients
  • Assist our clients with the implementation of their recycling procedures
  • Comply with governmental regulations concerning the reduction, reuse, recycling and recovery of waste products

Company Employees:

  • Take an active role by following the recycling procedures
  • Have a positive attitude towards waste reduction and recycling within your working area
  • Recommend or suggest ways of reducing waste

At our Customers’ facility – All CSI employees must follow the facility’s recycling program and the following steps:

  • Use separate containers to collect recyclable papers
    • Gray brute with black liner is for collecting trash
    • Blue brute with clear liner is for collecting recycling paper
    • Use separate containers to collect recyclable papers
  • Collect cans, plastic and bottles in blue liners and place them in the commingle compactor
  • Collect shredded paper in clear liners and place it in the recycling compactor or container for proprietary information
  • Do not throw away disposable gloves in the trash containers
  • Recycle all packing materials for our cleaning products
  • Consult with your Supervisor or the Recycling Coordinator of the facility for any additional information regarding the facility’s recycling procedures.



  • Collect cans, plastic and bottles in blue liners and place them in the commingle compactor
  • Use separate containers for trash and recyclable materials at your desk and central locations
  • Print double sided (saves up to 50%)
  • Uses paperless payroll system to alleviate  paper checks to help minimize the overall environmental footprint of our organization
  • Print only when necessary
  • Proof reads documents for mistakes before printing to avoid waste
  • Sends  email memos to save paper
  • Avoids  printing emails
  • Reviews any hard copy storage, replace with a back- up hard drive for centralized storage
  • Uses email instead of sending letters by post
  • Switches equipment off completely in the evening and at weekends
  • Puts equipment on power save where possible
  • Purchases durable equipment
  • Has paper recycling stations next to photocopiers & printers
  • Uses energy efficient light bulbs (On average they consume 8% less energy than a standard bulb It lasts about 12 times longer)
  • Flattens all cardboard boxes


  • Reuses envelopes for internal circulation
  • Reuses clean side of used paper for internal printing
  • Converts scrap paper into post-it notes
  • Purchases sticky labels to cover old addresses and reuse envelopes externally
  • Purchases sticky labels to cover old addresses and reuse envelopes externally
  • Tries to use paper for more than one purpose
  • Reuses incoming packaging and boxes for outgoing deliveries
  • Removes plastic drink cups from the water cooler and use reusable mugs
  • Repairs furniture where possible or donate it to charity
  • Shreds low-quality paper and use as packaging


  • Recycles our dominant material (most likely paper)
  • Recycles corrugated cardboard
  • Recycles  aluminum cans, plastic, glass, bottles and jars, and tin/steel food and beverage cans. Throws caps and lids in the trash
  • Recycles  toner and inkjet cartridges
  • Recycles office furniture
  • Recycles  batteries
  • Recycles our IT Hardware & mobile phones
CSI provides responsive and reliable janitorial, building operations and maintenance, and facilities management services to corporate, commercial, and educational facilities. We are committed to personalized service, social responsibility to the environment, and the appreciation of the people who do the work.