CSI International, Inc. ‘Green’ Initiatives

LEED is a product of the U.S. Green Building Council:

  • Utilization of micro fiber mops and cleaning clothes where applicable
  • Encouraging clients to use only “Green Sealed” consumables products
  • Administer facility recycling programs
  • Install and utilize washer and dryer facilities to launder micro fiber mops and clothes where applicable
  • Distribution of our survey cards to collect occupant feedback so that we can evaluate and improve our processes and procedures
  • All order supplying is done electronically
  • Transitioned to online paperless payroll system to…
  • Recycle
  • Online applications background checks – HR
  • Teams communicate electronically when possible saving paper provided that the facilities approve
LEED US Green Building Council

CSI can help you reach LEED Certification by implementing the following green cleaning credits:

  • Custodial Effectiveness Assessment: EQc3.2 | Possible 1 point
  • Purchase of Sustainable Cleaning Products and Materials: EQc3.3 | Possible 1 point
  • Sustainable Cleaning Equipment: EQc3.4 | Possible 1 point
  • Indoor Chemical and Pollutant Source Control: EQc3.5 | Possible 1 point
CSI provides responsive and reliable janitorial, building operations and maintenance, and facilities management services to corporate, commercial, and educational facilities. We are committed to personalized service, social responsibility to the environment, and the appreciation of the people who do the work.