CSI Sustainability

Green Cleaning is defined as “Cleaning to protect health without harming the environment” – Executive Order 13101. CSI International, Inc. is committed to deliver a clean and healthy working environment for all our employees and your building’s occupants.

In 1992, former President Bill Clinton issued this presidential Executive Order 13101 which directed the facility managers of more than 100,000 federally owned or operated buildings worldwide to begin using green cleaning products. The Order also defined green cleaning for the first time, stating that it’s the “use of products and services that reduce the health and environmental impacts compared to similar products and services used for the same purpose.”

Green cleaning now means the best use of products that reduce indoor pollution as well as reduce environmental pollution and favor sustainable materials.

Maintenance of a healthy environment is the shared responsibility of management and employees at all levels of the CSI organization. Every employee is trained and held accountable to achieve the goal of minimizing the exterior’s impact on the local environment and to emphasize and practice environmentally safe, low impact cleaning chemicals and practices.

CSI understands that the concept of stewardship – “the responsibility for managing, conducting or supervising the quality, state or condition of a commercial or institutional building”- is essential to the green cleaning perspective and integral to the success of our green cleaning program.

CSI is committed to follow a set of stewardship principles that have been developed by pioneers of the green cleaning movement. These principles will help in our efforts to be good stewards of the buildings we service, their occupants, our employees, and the overall environment.

  • Clean for health first and appearance second
  • Minimize human exposure to contaminants and cleaning products
  • Recognize cleaning as an environmental health benefit
  • Commit to occupational development of cleaning personnel
  • Communicate the value of healthy buildings
  • Minimize chemical, particle and moisture residue when cleaning
  • Ensure worker and occupant safety
  • Contain and reduce all pollutants entering the building
  • Dispose of cleaning products in environmentally safe ways
  • Establish and document routine maintenance schedules
CSI provides responsive and reliable janitorial, building operations and maintenance, and facilities management services to corporate, commercial, and educational facilities. We are committed to personalized service, social responsibility to the environment, and the appreciation of the people who do the work.