Employee Training

An employee with the right attitude and desire to work can only be assured of success if given the proper training to develop and improve their skills. CSI is proud to provide programs designed to ensure that employees have adequate knowledge and skills to perform their jobs, improve productivity, encourage self-development and prepare selected employees for supervisory positions.

On-the-Job Training (OJT):

OJT includes observation and training by supervisory staff and experienced
co-workers and will be conducted during phase-in for all new employees.


A program of cross-training to maximize the capabilities of our service personnel. CSI has found cross-training to offer significant benefits in increased employee satisfaction and expanded versatility of personnel.

Vendor Schools:

Vendors help train our employees on the use and safety of new products and also train equipment operators on equipment maintenance and operating procedures.

Off-Site Training

For our Managers, Supervisors and “rising stars,” we offer the opportunity to supplement their practical knowledge with more a more formal curriculum focused on planning, communications, organization and leadership. Off-site training may include education from trade or technical schools, community colleges, professional seminars or other outside courses.

CSI Employee Training Center

CSI provides two separate on-line courses: Leadership for Managers & Supervisors and Workplace Safety.  Each course addresses a specific topic with engaging and interactive presentations, delivering practical advice and clear instructions that our employees will remember long after the training is complete. Our Director of Corporate Quality and Training can track each employee’s progress and provide reports for our upper management team and customers.   Each employee that completes a course gets a certificate of completion.

CSI provides responsive and reliable janitorial, building operations and maintenance, and facilities management services to corporate, commercial, and educational facilities. We are committed to personalized service, social responsibility to the environment, and the appreciation of the people who do the work.